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Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be at Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe on Tuesday, September 4th starting at 7:30pm! This is a rare change from our “first Monday” schedule due to Labor Day. Don’t have any homebrews ready? No problem! Almost no one brings homebrew to every meeting.

2011 Homebrewer of the Year

Congratulations to Dave Rawlins, Homebrewer of the Year 2011, and Jon Morales, the runner-up. Dave brewed 21 batches, and Jon brewed 10!

We are on the lookout for our first annual Homebrewer Of The Year (HBOY) award! For the first year, we’ll keep it simple – whoever brewed the most times from Jan 1 – Dec 31 wins! And at the January 2nd meeting we will discuss what HBOY in 2012 will be – most creative brews? most volume of beer produced? Bring your ideas!

For 2011, it doesn’t matter what size your batch was, because in the end it still takes roughly the same amount of time, and you have to follow the brewing process through from beginning to end whether its 1 gallon, 5 gallons, or 10 gallons. Also, most of us don’t keep meticulous records of our brews for the entire year, so just think back, check your emails, BeerSmith, BrewPal, Notepad, etc. and reply to this post with your best estimate. You can reply via Facebook (if you are logged in to FB you should see an area at the bottom of the post, once you click in to it) or by registering as a user.

Hint: there will be prizes for both first place and runner-up, so get your info posted ASAP!

Meeting Recap: December 2011

We had a great turnout with 19 people this month!

Ben and Sarah, John G., Steve R., Dave R., Kevin and Sean, Bill and Dave, Mike and Ila, Brian Y., Tyler C., Ryan H., Jim and Vinny, Ron and Mark, and Kelly D.

Flight list:

  1. German Lager Batch #1, Jim and Vinny
  2. German Lager Batch #2, Jim and Vinny
  3. Maple Wheat, Jim and Vinny
  4. Honey Apple Ale, Jim and Vinny
  5. Vanilla Cream Ale, Ron and Mark
  6. Pumpkin Ale, Mike and Ila
  7. Pumpkin Ale, Steve R.
  8. Oatmeal Stout, Kevin and Sean
  9. 1776 Porter (PALE ALES project), Ben B.
  10. 1776 Porter (PALE ALES project), Ryan R.
  11. Porter, John G.
  12. Special Bitter, Ryan R.
  13. Black IPA, Kevin and Sean
  14. Russian Imperial Stout, Brian Y.
  15. Mead, Mike and Ila
  16. Saison (Bill H.), Pale Ale (Mike and Ila), Left Hand’s Fade to Black Vol. 3 Pepper Porter (Ben B.)

Looking forward to seeing whoever is around for the January 2nd meetup! Keep an eye on the website for details about the upcoming single hop project.

Malt potential gravity calculation (

Learn how to calculate “points per pound per gallon” yourself.

Wondering why you are getting that low mashing efficiency, even though you optimized your mash tun design and milling gap?

That can be caused by using the wrong malt potential, specially on the base malts that represent the big chunk on your grain bill.

So after having this same issue for a while, decided to do my homework and investigate the base grain malt analysis from manufactures like Briess and calculate the gravity potential myself.

Is This the World’s First Space Beer? (

The first bona fide space beer — as in, a beer that is brewed for the purpose of being enjoyed in space — will most likely be a strong, reduced-carbon dioxide stout. Nice!

Earlier this year, the Australian 4 Pines Brewing Company, working with Astronauts4Hire, actually put some research into the space beer conundrum and, after a series of zero-G flights, developed “Vostok.”

Vostok is a full-flavored, low-carbon dioxide beer that not only addresses the loss of taste during long-duration spaceflight, it also reduces the risk of the “wet burp.”

Discounts on pints and homebrew supplies! (

We are proud to offer an amazing program, The New Jersey Craft Beer Membership Club.  The businesses listed below have offered an exclusive incentive just for members of the club broken down into county with their address, incentive and link to articles featuring that brand.  All you’ll need to do is flash your Membership Card to save.  More details can be found below the list of 65 businesses participating in the club!

New Jersey Craft Beer Membership Store

To join in and save, follow this link to the store or click the graphic above to purchase your Membership!

Here’s the contact link if you are having trouble or want to pay by cash, credit card or other methods.

Help New Jersey Breweries Grow and Thrive! (

The Guild has introduced legislation to help us continue to create jobs, generate tourism and promote beer in New Jersey. Our state now has the largest number of breweries in almost 100 years. Unfortunately, in some cases, the regulations don’t reflect an industry with many small, local breweries instead of large national ones. We are looking to address some of those issues that are holding back our local businesses while still promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

You as a consumer/voter/constituent have the most powerful voice in helping us make that a reality. We need you to contact your state representatives and ask them to support our bills Senate Bill 2870 (S-2870) and Assembly Bill 3969 (A-3969). We’ve provided tools to help you find you representatives, supplied a template for a letter that you can adapt and given an overview of what the bills would accomplish. You can find it all here.