On the 2014 BJCP Guidelines and the future of this project

Greetings readers (all three of you).  As you might know, the draft 2014 BJCP Guidelines are published for review and public comment.  A quick look will reveal a pretty major overhaul, with several new styles added, some combined, and some removed.  I’m really excited about the new Guidelines, as they offer me an opportunity to brew more beers for this project!  I’m also really encouraged by the introduction in the Guidelines by Gordon Strong and the BJCP’s effort to get judges thinking about the spirit of the categories and not just the numbers or descriptors.

For this blog, this means we’ll have to make some small changes to the way we do business.  For now, until the 2014 BJCP Guidelines are officially finalized (sometime late 2014), we will continue to brew and judge according to the 2008 Guidelines.  When the 2014 Guidelines are official, we’ll adjust the category of every beer already brewed accordingly.  In cases where beer we’ve brewed has been deleted entirely, we’ll reference the 2008 Guidelines.  For the accountants out there, we’ll consider the 2014 Guidelines a new shift in our current goal, and will use those guidelines to measure our progress on this project.

Something new for these guidelines is the description of several beers within one listed sub-category, particularly Speciality IPA.  There are several Speciality IPAs described, but they do not have their own sub-category.  I think I would be doing my liver and you the reader a disservice if I didn’t brew each of those IPAs described.

So, that means more beer, more brewing, and more learning!  I’m excited, and I hope Mike L., and my Mom and Dad are excited about reading my latest articles.  Thanks for your support guys.


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  1. Thank god. I was worried you were going to run out of beer to brew. And not be up to the latest guidelines. I feel much better now. Thank you.

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