The Stig

Who is The Stig?  What exactly is a Stig?  Such trivial questions shall not be answered by the reincarnation of the Holy Quadity.  The Stig does not taste beer, He* interrogates it, no, He water-boards it.  He will discover its secrets.  And He will judge, oh yes, He will judge.

Seriously though, The Stig is a palate professional who has decided to remain anonymous while providing critique of all the beers here at Klaserhausen.  We will reveal The Stig’s true identity at the end of the project, and you’ll be satisfied that The Stig was the right Stig for the job.  Until then, you’ll just have to trust us.

The Stig always imbibes and passes judgement in his own dwelling, free from manipulative brewers.  All beers imbibed by The Stig are in 12oz bottles.  The Stig is provided with the style category, the stats (OG, FG, IBU etc.) and any special ingredients/procedures.  We think numerical/star ratings are superficial, and that judges can quickly become slaves to such a rating system (once a judge rates some beer a 5 star, all other beers are compared to that one, which isn’t qualitative).  The Stig will evaluate aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthfeel, note any flaws and give an overall impression.

*Note of course we use the masculine pronoun here, which is the more traditional way to refer to The Stig.  This is the unfortunate result of a patriarchal society, dominated by insecure men who will use even language itself to further their lust for power .  We hope one day to live in a society that isn’t embarrassed to refer to The Stig as “She”, or even “Mother Stig”.  Until we reach that higher plane of coexistence however, we will continue to refer to The Stig in the traditional manner.
December 25, 2013

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